Best Chicken Rice in Singapore

Whoa! Now we’re talking! We all know what chicken rice is but is it even possible to find the best chicken rice in Singapore? How do we even begin!? Almost every hawker center around Singapore has the best chicken rice. Well, this is not impossible at all! Sadly, we weren’t able to pinpoint the perfect store that sells the perfect chicken rice. But fear not! We’ve been able to narrow them down into these few stores where we feel sell the best chicken rice in Singapore.

1. Zi Jin Cheng Hainanese Chicken Rice
Served with a Side of Achar, this Hainanese Chicken is best accompanied with the soup which is really rich in flavor and not bland at all! As for the Chicken Rice, although you may say it is a bit dry, it is definitely rich in flavor! One cool thing about the Zi Jin Cheng Hainanese Chicken Rice is the fact that the chili is perfectly balanced! A common problem with chili is that there is usually too much garlic but this chili is definitely a good blend.

Located at the Alexandra Village Food Center

2. Peking Roasted Chicken Rice
Roasted chicken? Of course! This place serves Chicken Rice with roasted chicken and that just adds a whole new dynamic to the dish itself! The texture is obviously different and this brings a whole new experience to your regular Hainanese Chicken Rice. Not only is the Chicken Rice amazing, the soup is also out of this world!

Located at the Soy Eu Tua Coffee Shop on 15 Upper East Coast Rd, Singapore 455207

3. Five Star Kampung Chicken Rice
First and foremost, you have to know that the Chicken they are serving is grown and raised in a humble Kampung which is why the taste is different but also very good. The meat is juicier and the skin is able to soak in so much flavor! The sauce on the other hand is on the sweeter side. Now this is definitely a Chicken Rice worth trying!

Located at 191 East Coast Rd, Singapore 428897

You can find Hainanese Chicken Rice at your local Hawker but where exactly do you find the perfect Hainanese Chicken Rice in all of Singapore? The question remains unanswered until today. There are so many great places to get Hainanese Chicken Rice but we feel that these are the best places to get them. Of course, if you are contented with the Chicken Rice served at your local Hawker, then there’s no need for you to try them out. But if you are in search of the best, these three places are the places where you should start.