Best Ways to Move On From an “Almost” Relationship

Dealing with normal breakups is hard enough, but it’s even harder to get over someone who was actually never yours. You thought you liked each other – perhaps even loved each other – but your “relationship” ends before it even began. There was no label for what you were to each other, and that makes it much harder to move from that person. Sure, moving on won’t be easy but by following these tips, you’ll definitely be able to get over that almost relationship.

1. Be Angry

It’s now time to express the emotion you pretended not to have due to the absence of labels. You devoted weeks, months or even years to this person, so you deserve to be pissed – and it’s important that you feel that way. Typically, someone who’s been in an almost relationship would keep this feeling under wraps because of the fear of looking crazy and suddenly developing feelings. But ignore all that and just feel what you have to feel.

2. Write About It

Journaling is one of the best ways to relieve stress. It forces you to get your feelings and thoughts in order, and, consequently, endorses levelheadedness. Plus, it’ll make you realize that you’ve become jaded and encourage you to focus on yourself again. So write down your post-breakup goals and ensure that you get it done.

3. Call On Your Friends

While journaling can make you feel better, self-cure shouldn’t be your only outlet. According to psychologists, untold stories have a tendency of looping in our minds, which is why confiding in someone is crucial. Chances are, you’ll feel much better when you hear their comforting words – and they’ll be able to signal you when he walks into the party that you’re at.

4. Stop Stalking Him (Or His New Girl)

Write it down and plaster it on your bedhead if you have to: Do not stalk! Scrolling through his Facebook or Instagram account and seeing them all lovey-dovey will only make you worse about yourself and your supposed relationship. Just remember that being left behind can be advantageous as it allows you to see things about him that you didn’t notice before.

5. Resist Contacting Him

Under no circumstances should you contact someone you’re trying to move on from. It won’t do you any good and it’ll just set you back. Sure, you’re going to miss him but be strong and resist the urge to reach out. If he contacts you first, it could mean that he’s thinking about but it might not be for the right reasons. It’s crucial that you ignore the messages because you definitely deserve more than a half-hearted attempt to start over again.

While it’s difficult to let someone go, it’s also a crucial step for you start refocusing on things that really matter like yourself, your family and your friends. Don’t let that breakup keep you from having a good time – and you certainly shouldn’t let it prevent you from finding someone who’d love to be officially with you.

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