Sites for Your Early Christmas Shopping  



November will end soon and what comes after that is the jolliest time of the year – Christmas.  Christmas is almost here and it is time that you start thinking of the gifts you want to buy for your friends and family.


If you plan to buy early or in advance, perhaps you know Black Friday sale. Black Friday is the time of year that you can get the best deals and the best price. In United States, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving (usually at the 4th Thursday of November). It has been regarded as the start of Christmas shopping season.

Though Singapore does not practice Black Friday, it certainly acquired the penchant of Americans for shopping up to the point of madness. Great deals indeed do not stay forever so it is important that you grab it while it is there. The good thing is that there are many websites that you can consider.

Here’s the list of sites for your early Christmas shopping:

  • Flipit Singapore: Flipit accommodates more than three hundred different brands with thousands of coupon codes at your disposal. Flipit is indeed a gift their Christmas.
  • Wishlistr: Wishlistr can help you track the items that you consider even if you are jumping from one site to another. It will organize the items you are interested in buying.


  • Shopbot: Onling shopping during Black Friday is very inconvenient. If you consider online stires, you do not need to stand in line and wait for your return. Shopbot can help you compare the price on different sites.
  • Shopback: Shopback offers coupon and codes that will give you 80% off on different stores across the web. You can also consider cash rewards for a dollar spent.

Actually there are still many sites needed to be discovered. At the end of the day, the one thing that counts is thought.

Cheap Ways to Party Hard  


When we party, we do our best to limit charges or costs because after all, times are hard here in Singapore and unless we are an heiress or we are just ridiculously rich, we cannot party hard without thinking of the charges and costs. However, this doesn’t mean that we deprive ourselves of some fun.


So, what’s a boy/girl to do when he/she wants to de-stress and have a good time but payday is still weeks away? The good news is that we can hang on to our precious dollars and still have a good time through the following tricks:

  • Why not pre-party? This doesn’t mean that we are going to conduct pre-party. This means that before actually going to a club or bar, we should have a fill of food and drinks somewhere cheaper first. Whether it is at a friend’s pad or a nearby resto. Sure, we have to shell money for drinks but at least the pre-party would cut the spending significantly.
  • Befriend the staffs: If we frequent a bar or a club, there is a big chance that we know the bouncers, staffs and even the owners. This is the perfect time for networking and of course – perks. For example, a staff will make our servings bigger as a sign of gratefulness. If we are that lucky, the owner might treat us.


  • Be on the lookout for promos: There are many clubs and bars here in Singapore and they entice customers by offering different promos. If we are serious about partying cheap, we should look for promos. For example, we have to know clubs or bars that offer Happy Hour and Ladies or Gent’s Night.
  • Buy the bulk: The good thing when we come in group is that we tend to pay small portions since everything is divided to everything. We have to buy the bulk so we can save more.
  • Do not bring credit card: We should always bring cash and not depend on our credit cards. If we have credit cards along, we will be confident to splurge and we will surely regret.
  • Consider house parties instead: Well, cheap partying includes free venue but more food. This is what house parties mean.

Now that we know some if not all of the tricks to party cheap, it is time that we put this into action. If we do not have money and we are not in the mood for parties, we should not be pushed into it because we will not have a good time. Partying is supposed to be fun, not worrisome.