iPad Must-Have Apps

iPads are making a big hit in Singapore especially that Apple unveiled its new versions earlier this month. If you have iPads, there are myriads of applications out there that you can download but Apple boasted they have optimized 675,000 applications in their App Store for the benefit of iPad users. 675,000 is a lot to choose from, right?


With this number, it is hard to choose which are useful and which are not. If you are planning to buy a new iPad, you have to scour the App Store and look for the things that are most useful to you. If you are just looking for somewhat different for your current iPad, you also need to sort through a lot. Well, looking for applications need not be difficult. To get started, here are the must-have apps for iPad users:

  • Paper: If you are an artist, this is the best application for you. This is a sketching application that will give you variations of pencils and brushes. This is free but if you are tired of the basic tool set, you can purchase some more.
  • Skype: Skype is a must-have. This is one of the best ways to stay in touch. The good thing is it’s free. If you want to talk to other Skype users, you can just call for free. If you want to set it up for your long-distance calls, you have to pay.
  • Google Drive: Google Drive is a fine alternative for Office. In Google Drive, you can edit and create text documents and spreadsheets plus you can store your photos there. The best thing is that once you store it in your Google Drive, you can access it wherever you go just by logging into your account.


  • Evernote: If you are at work and at school, you can use Evernote to write down notes and important points. Evernote will organize your work and neatly index all contents so it will be easier for you to scan through.
  • Replay Video Editor: Replay Video Editor is simple yet very functional application. The best part is it’s free. With this application, you can add music, text and styles to your photos and videos from your camera roll. After, you can upload it to Twitter or YouTube.
  • HBO Go: If you love movies, this is the best application. HBO Go will let you stream TV shows and movies. If your brother or sister is monopolizing the TV, you can still catch “The Game of Thrones” via your iPad.

iPads are excellent Christmas gift this season. If you consider this, you should download the apps beforehand so that the person can use it right away. There are many iPads here in Singapore so you can buy right away without worrying about its availability.



Training Your Brain with Einstein

The school has started but you notice that your kids are not yet in the mood for some learning. That is understandable knowing that they had all the fun during the long summer break. For your kids, going to school entails lots of studying which is synonymous to boring. The good news is that you can change their perception about school.

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You can teach them the value of learning the fun way. How can you do it? You can do it by employing the help of Albert Einstein. Singaporeans know about Einstein. Though he is dead, his legacy lives on. There is an application that is made for kids to learn. The mobile application is called Einstein Brain Trainer. If you want to know more about the application, you should read further.

  • Mission: The mobile application simply seeks to condition one’s mind to be mentally sharp. If your brain (or your kid) endured long break, sometimes you feel stagnant and slow but the application can help you (or your kid) get back on track. Educational growth will surely continue. Your mission is to reach the “Royal Brain” level.


  • Exercises and dynamics: You can determine your “Brain Fitness” by performing “Daily Fitness”. There are 30 outstanding brain exercises. The exercises will be coached by an icon that you will love – Albert Einstein. He will make sure that your brain is always ready and up to achieve maximum results.
  • Assistant: Einstein cannot possibly assist you alone so he employed an assistant to help the player with the exercises. Robo is Einstein’s little assistant. Robo is always beside Einstein to help you understand the mechanics of the game. They will also illustrate scientific backgrounds.
  • Download: Einstein Brain Trainer is available for iPhone or iPod users. For android users, the application is available too. You can use this as an excellent ice breaker for the family. The family take turns answering the questions. If you want, you can also choose to compete online. There are many players that are willing to battle you and your brains out.

If you are interested, you can always look for it online. Do not worry because it is available here in Singapore. Your kids will surely like it and they will be stimulated. It is not only for kids because even the kids at heart can play it. Feeding your brain with the help of your personal coach (Einstein) has never been this fun. Have a good game!