When to Call Car Servicing Professionals

When you buy a new car in Singapore, the car manufacturer or dealer will recommend a car maintenance schedule. Most drivers, however, are happy to ignore the car servicing intervals because they think that they will be spending money for something so trivial. The result is that the car breaks down at unexpected moments.

Here are ways to determine if your car badly needs TLC at the nearest car servicing in Singapore.

Listen to Car Noises

Popping noises from the exhaust means that the fuel system has a problem. Modern cars need to be taken to the nearest car workshop for reprogramming. The cause could be wrong fuel mixture. If the car squeals whenever you brake, it means that your brakes need to be checked as soon as possible. Clunking noises indicate that the suspension has worn down or the steering system has a problem. How to avoid hearing such noises? The trick is to follow the scheduled car maintenance that was recommended by the manufacturer. Don’t wait before you hear these noises. Chances are, the damage could be extensive and you will pay more for car repair than a simple check-up.

Fuel Inefficiency

A car that runs on less fuel means that everything is working right. If you notice that you’re using up more fuel than usual, then it’s time to take the vehicle to a car servicing shop in Singapore. A lot of factors can affect fuel economy. The simplest could be tire pressure. Make it a habit to inspect all the tires including the spare before you start the car.

Regular oil change during car maintenance is another key. Make sure to also replace the spark plugs and change the air filter. Always check the odometer at the best and recommended car workshop in Singapore whenever you fill up the tank then calculate the fuel efficiency by dividing the miles traveled by the car between filling up by the total gallons of fuel you bought.

Engine Performance

Modern cars have a check engine light on the dashboard that will tell the owner that there is something wrong with the engine. But this can be complicated. Engine trouble could mean a lot of things. When you take the car to a car servicing shop in Singapore, they will be able to tell you the exact problem.

It could be from the electrical system, heating and cooling system, brakes or the struts or shocks. Do not try to diagnose the problem yourself to save money, because you’ll be doing more harm than good. If the check engine light is flashing,the issue could be more serious so you need to stop the car at the nearest car servicing shop as soon as possible.

Brake System Failure

The break system isn’t just that pedal near your feet. It’s a complicated system that when fails you, could place the passengers in danger. Don’t ignore the following warning signs that tell you you need to have the brake system checked at a car servicing in Singapore: odd sounds whenever you try to brake the car, there is an odd smell like something is burning, the pedal isn’t working as usual, the car swerves whenever you try to brake, or if the brake pads looks worn out. The brake system should always be included in the car servicing package to make sure you and your passengers can travel safely.

Leaking Car Fluids

Your car utilizes different fluids and oils for a lot of things. Not everyone has the time or expertise to check all these, so leave it to professionals to do the car maintenance for you. If you notice leaks, don’t wait until the problems worsens. The pink fluid could be the transmission fluid or the power steering fluid. Blue liquid is the windshield wiper fluid.

Brown could be the motor oil, gear lubricant or brake fluid. Yellow might be the radiator coolant, while green could indicate that it might be the antifreeze. An orange fluid could mean that the antifreeze or transmission fluid is old or leaking. But the color could also tell you of other problems. Red fluids indicate a leak in the power steering system or the transmission system.

Failing Coolant System

The purpose of the coolant system is to keep the engine cool while it’s running. The engine will heat up when it’s used, so it’s important to change the antifreeze and flush the coolant system as specified by the manufacturer. Flushing the cooling system will remove the dirt, sediment and rust. Not doing so can damage the parts or clog the engine and radiator. Disposing of the antifreeze is risky, so it’s better to hire car servicing professionals to do it for you. The coolant warning sign on the dashboard could also indicate the following problems: faulty thermostat, water pump failure, corrosion or hole near the radiator, restriction of the flow of the coolant, or radiator failure.

Faulty Air-Conditioning System

If the air-conditioning system in the car doesn’t work, it could result in the following problems: strange noises when air-conditioning is turned on, water buildup inside the car, a worn out compressor, electrical system problems, an unpleasant smell inside the car or the refrigerant could leak. Most car servicing packages in Singapore include a check-up of the air-conditioning system. Make sure that it’s working because you don’t want to be traveling in a humid Singapore weather without it. Preventive maintenance will cost less than a car repair at a car workshop.

Dirty Air and Engine Filters and Wipers

Replace the cabin air filter when it’s dirty. You can buy a replacement at the nearest car servicing shop or a professional can have a new one installed for you. A clean filter will make daily trips more comfortable for everyone in the car. The engine filter needs to be replaced as well according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Don’t ignore the windshied wipers too because they get worn down after a while. They are cheap and easy to replace.

The Fastest Mercedes  

It is not a secret that Singapore is the most expensive city in the world – again. Singaporeans have penchant for anything expensive and exclusive. There’s exclusive club registrations, premier living and prominent cars. In this case, let us discuss about cars.


Many love Mercedes. The good news is that there is a Mercedes out there that is as fast as a Lamborghini. The model is AMG C 63 S. Of course this sweet-ride is not cheap. The prices are not yet finalized but there are reports that revealed it will be about S$450,000 with COE. This is just a rough estimate – the actual price may be more than the pegged.

Here are some features that we need to know about the fastest Mercedes:


  • Machine: There’s the basic and the hard core machine. If we choose the basic machine, it boasts of 469 bhp and the skill to hit about 100 km/hour in say, 4.1 seconds. The hard core on the other hand boasts of 503 bhp and the skill to hit about 100 km/hour in 4 seconds. This speed is almost as fast as the Gallardo.
  • Electronic suspension: We have to know that the new babe offers three levels of firmness.
  • Engine: The 4.0 litre engine will run and sound smoothly because of its turbochargers.
  • Other features: The interior of the car is guised as a race car with high-octane stuffs. Unlike sports car (that only offers two seats), the new Mercedes can accommodate at least five people.

The new Mercedes is not a sports car but it runs like one. If we have other questions and clarifications, we can always go to dealers and ask personally. We can even test-drive it if we are serious.


New Cars for Singaporeans: From A to J

Almost all Singaporeans dream of having a car. There are others who realized their dreams while there are others who are still looking for a specific car. Owning a car entails responsibility. You have to be knowledgeable and well-versed when you are dealing with cars. If in this case you are still looking for a specific car, let this article guide you in making a good choice.


Whether you are looking for luxury cars or sports utility vehicles, there are many brands that you can choose from. After all, the market out there is vast. You will surely find what you are looking for in time. Here are some cars for Singaporeans from A to J:

  • Aston Martin: Aston Martin is a British manufacturer of luxury sports car. This is the brand of choice of James Bond. This year, the company offers Rapide S model and Vanquish. According to reports, Rapide S is worth $938,000 without COE (Certificate of Entitlement). Rapid S offers power with its 552bhp. Vanquish is worth $1,580,000 without COE. Vanquish boasts of its 568bhp V12 engine.
  • Audi: Audi have a busy year because they have at least six models debuting. The models include A1, A6 and A7 Sportback as well as Q3, TT Coupe and the TT Roadster. There are no prices yet.
  • Bentley: Who will miss Bentley? Bentley will treat you with their new models this 2015. It will offer Continental GT3-R which will be released in the middle of 2015. It is worth $1,200,000 without COE. There is also the Mulsanne Speed. The price for this model is not yet released.


  • BMW: BMW will only release the 2 series convertible in the middle of the year. There is no price yet. If you do not consider the convertible, you can consider their M brands (X5M and X6M).
  • Ferrari: There is only one Ferrari model to be launched here in Singapore – Speciale A. A stands for “Aperta” which means open in Italian. This is a drop-top version of the famous 458.
  • Jaguar: Watch out for a new Jaguar this year. Jaguar launched this model in 2014 Paris Motor Show. The price is not yet released but it will definitely be available in the last quarter of the year. According to the manufacturer, this is the lightest in its class. It boasts of 340bhp.

If you want to know more about cars, you can catch the CarBuyer’s January issue. This is out on the newsstands near you.