The Best Aesthetic Clinics in Singapore

Reward yourself with a trip to any one of these beauty and skin care specialists in the country.

Ardmore Aesthetic Clinic
They have non-invasic therapeutic treatments that can be customized. They also have programs like clear tight, power lift and whitening programs.

ASTIQUE The Aesthetic Clinic
They provide Astique beauty products and beauty services including face slimming, skin booster, stretch marks removal, and laser birthmark and mole removal.

Dr. Dylan Chau is a specialist in face augmentation and follicular unit extraction for hair transplant. They also have products for face and neck care.

Clementi Family & Aesthetic Clinic
They have family health services, pediatric and geriatric care. They also have treatments for melasma, freckles, and sun and age spots.

DERMACARE Aesthetic & Laser Clinic
They specialize in laser treatment, fillers, pigmentation Botox, Ulthera treatment and others.

Dr. Tyng Tan Aesthetics and Hair Clinic
Not only does the clinic offer face and body services, but Dr, Tyng tan also specializes in hair restoration surgery.

IYAC Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Clinic
Their aesthetic services range from botox to ultherapy. They also have therapeutic facials and image peels.

Joyce Lim Skin and Laser Clinic
The clinic offers diagnoses and treatment of skin, hair and nail problems, correction of aesthetic skin concerns and improvement of skin health.

Leslie Kuek
Dr. Leslie Kuek is one of the pioneers of plastic surgery in the country, particularly in procedures like breast and facial paralysis reconstruction.

Specialist Skin Clinic and Associates
Their leading dermatologists have a combined sixty years of experience. They can do everything from skin surgery to treatment of sexually transmitted infections.

The Face Aesthetic Clinic
Their treatments include Botox, facelift, tattoo removal, and treatment of acne, keloids and pigmentary conditions. They also have spa treatments diamond cleansing.

The Clifford Clinic
The Clifford Clinic has been around for fifteen years and still going strong. They also have wedding packages so you’d look your best on your most special day.

The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic
Dr. Martin Huang specializes in plastic surgery and non-surgical treatments like rejuvenation, Botox, fillers, fat reduction and body contouring.

The Knightsbridge Clinic
Their services include Korean scalp stimulation serum treatment, Venus’s Kisses facelift, Liposonix slimming, crystal tomato as well as erectile dysfunction treatments for men.

The Sloane Clinic
They provide an assortment of beauty procedures such as double eyelids, prominent ears, bone contouring, liposuction, tummy tuck, and breast augmentation or reduction.

Thomson Specialist Skin Centre
They provide services for skin cancer and infections, rheumatologic diseases, hives and eczema treatment, as well as screening and treatment of sexually transmitted infections.

Tiffany Yang Aesthetics & Surgery
They are known for their signature exclusive 1-point V Face, a non-surgical face skimming procedure. You can also choose from any of their six package treatments.

Vedure Mediboutique
Not only do they have a clinic, face and body treatments but they also have a spa and nail art services. They even have men’s facial treatment, grooming and manicure services.

Woffles Wu Aesthetic Surgery & Laser Centre
The clinic is known for its Woffles List, a combination of different non-surgical treatments for facial rejuvenation.

Facial Treatments You Should Check Out

You have probably heard the phrase “beauty is pain”, and for a lot of women – and an increasing number of men – that is certainly true. But facial treatments are worth it for these people, as it’s not as tedious as going under the knife so on your next trip to the spa or dermatologist, check out any of these procedures.

1. Acupuncture
Pressure points on the face can be massaged to improve facial muscle tone, blood circulation and metabolism. It’s good for reducing blemishes and will help you relax. The needles are left for at least twenty minutes. Then your neck, face and scalp are massaged.

2. Anti-Aging
This may include several procedures with extractions, peels, masks and serums high in antioxidants to exfoliate and hydrate your skin. It aims to get rid of aging spots, wrinkles, fine lines and discoloration.

3. Brightening
This is a modified anti-aging facial that also focuses on eliminating discolorations and dull patches on aging skin. It will restore a pinkish, healthy glow to give you back your youthful skin.

4. Contouring
This is a non-surgical facelift procedure using collagen-stimulating formula or dermal fillers. It tightens loose and wrinkled skin, lifts brows and erases frown lines. Treatment is in the form of topical treatments, radio frequency, near infrared or ultrasound.

5. Electric Current
There are two types of this procedure: high frequency and galvanic current. The first is recommended for acne-prone skin, and uses an alternating current to begin chemical changes in the skin; meanwhile, the galvanic procedure uses a direct current.

6. Enzyme
This procedure uses reverse osmosis to remove toxins from the skin. The enzyme mask is left for up to forty minutes to let your facial muscles be stimulated. The enzyme reactivators you can choose from are salicylic acid range, lacti acid range and pyruvic acid range.

7. Fruit Acid
The most common fruit acids used are lactic, glycolic, citric, malic and tartaric acids. They are a cheap alternative to other treatments and can be an option for people who are worried about the effects of chemical treatments.

8. Gemstones
Some people believe that gemstones contain energy levels that can be used to heal and improve health. A gem massage involves massaging skin products using an energized gem or a gemstone wand.

9. Gold Facial
Queen Cleopatra’s original beauty regimen: a sheet of 24-karat gold is massaged onto the skin. But for practical reasons, today’s procedure only uses a coating of colloidal gold and gold nanoparticles. Some clinics offer copper, platinum and diamond facial.

10. Lymphatic Massage
This procedure is an alternative to anti-aging techniques like Botox and fillers. The massage helps in blood circulation, particularly the lymphatic vessels which clean up the waste products in the system.

11. Microdermabrasion
The name might sound something close to a surgical procedure but it’s a non-surgical technique that exfoliates the outer layer of your skin. The exfoliation is done by abrading the skin.

12. Vampire
This might be a turn off for some because the procedure involves drawing blood from the patient, isolating the platelet-rich plasma and then injecting it back to the patient. It’s not a new procedure because it has been used to heal burns and wounds.

What is Hair Straightening?

A lot of women are willing to spend thousands at the hair salon just to get straight, full-bodied, and shiny locks. This obsession with straight hair goes back to the time of the Egyptians when they used flat iron plates to achieve similar results (sometimes resulting to burnt hairs). Well, we’ve come a long way since then. So let’s look at the hair-raising methods people have invented over time to get that picture-perfect, frizz-free hair that we enjoy today.

History of Hair Straightening

There are various methods you can use today to achieve straight hair when you visit a hair salon in Singapore. The hair stylist will ask whether you want the result to be temporary or permanent and then will proceed to list various mechanical and chemical treatments available for any type of hair.

The first methods involved the use of heated chemicals like the flat iron plates used by the Egyptians. Another method was popularized in the 19th century when Lady Jennifer Bell Schofield invented the straightening rod. It was a device made up of tongs attached to hinged metal plates. In the 20th century, chemical methods became popular among women who wanted more effective ways to straighten hair. Like heated straightening devices, however, the chemical methods also involved risks such as hair damage and burns.

Today, there are ways to straighten hair at the hair salon that doesn’t risk burning your scalp, face or hands. Although there is still a minimal risk of getting damaged hair, customers at the hair salon in Singapore can enjoy a variety of hair treatments to keep hair healthy.

Temporary Methods to Straighten Hair

The effects of temporary methods to straighten hair usually don’t last for more than 24 hours and often use mechanical means and the application of heat to achieve the desired look.

Here are examples of the said methods:

1. Hair Iron

This method is still found in most hair salon in Singapore today and is also a common hair styling tool at home. A flat iron made up of two heating plates is used to directly apply heat on the hair.

2. Hot Comb

Sometimes called straightening comb, it is similar to a hot iron, but only one heated tool is used and it is shaped like a comb. It’s reportedly safer to use than the flat iron and it’s being used at not only a good hair salon in Far East Plaza in Singapore but also all over the world, and is also another common hair straightening option at the hair salon.

3. Hair Rollers

Hair rollers are used on slightly damp hair to stretch and straighten it until it dries. A blow dryer is then used instead of a hot iron to straighten the kinks.

4. Blow Dryer

A blow dryer and comb are used to apply heat directly on a slightly damp hair to straighten and style it until it dries. The blow dryer is also used in other hair styling and treatment processes to dry and style hair in most hair salons in Singapore.

5. Hair-Straightening Brush

This is similar to a hot comb, but instead of teeth, it has bristles set on a cylinder that rotates when plugged to an electric source.

Methods to Straighten Hair Permanently

Permanent hair straightening methods were thought to have been popularized by African-American women at the time when most of the households in the United States didn’t have indoor plumbing and bath. Today, most methods involve the use of chemicals to permanently straighten frizzy and curly hair. The steps to straighten hair permanently are the same, and the difference is only in the chemicals applied to the hair. Note that not all methods can be applied to all types of hair, which is why it’s important to talk to your stylist first for an assessment.

The following services can be found in most hair salon in Singapore.

1. Rebonding

This is a tedious process that involves, first, the breaking down of the natural bonds in the hair shafts to recreate their form; and second, the use of other chemicals and the hot iron to straighten the hair. The best hair salon in Singapore will sometimes discourage the customer when choosing this option because it often results in dull, damaged and weak hair. There is always the risk of the hair losing its elasticity because of the harsh methods used, which is why a post-treatment is often recommended by the hair salon.

2. Japanese Thermal Conditioning

This method is recommended if you want your hair to be straight even after it grows out. The process of hair straightening is still the same as rebonding, but there is also a shorter method call relaxing that can take up to only 20 minutes.

3. Brazilian Keratin Treatment

This type of hair treatment not only straightens hair, but leaves it smooth and shiny as well because it repairs damages caused by over-styling. The best hair salon in Singapore will usually recommend this method because the procedure creates a layer of protection over the hair to lessen the effects of heat. The method breaks the bond in the hair, just like in the rebonding process, but the gaps are filled with keratin, a natural protein also found in hair. The addition of keratin will smooth out the curls and frizz without damaging your hair.

4. Smoothing

Hair smoothing does not change the hair structure like rebonding, but will leave your hair smooth and silky instead. This method is often recommended by the salon for over-styled damaged hair that is prone to breakage and split ends.

When choosing the best chemical treatment to straighten hair, make sure that you talk to your stylist first about the possible harmful effects of the chemicals. For example, formaldehyde found in a lot of keratin products can cause rashes and headaches. Ask your stylist at the hair salon in Singapore to choose products that don’t use formaldehyde. The best hair salon in Singapore will also ask about hair styling and treatments you have had in the past as well as assess the damage level of your hair and hair type. Lastly, you should follow the aftercare instructions given to you after the procedure to avoid hair damage.

My Lips But Definitely Better!

5 Best Nude Drugstore Lipsticks
Flashy, bold lipsticks have their spot in our vanities. However, when in a hurry and could even barely decide on the colour to slap on, it’s the trusty nude lippies we reach out for. Some of the classic favourites can run as high as $60 a tube, but with these easy-to-find picks, rest assured you’ll find the perfect neutral for a very affordable drugstore price.


  1. Wet n Wild MegaLast Lip Colour in Bare It All. The price may be cheap, but not the product itself. Beauty gurus swore by this product for having high-quality formulation and pigmentation for such a low price. If you’re someone with fair to medium complexion and looking for the perfect nude that’s highly pigmented, creamy yet gives off a matte finish, and is incredibly long-wearing, go for Wet n Wild’s Bare It All.
  1. Maybelline Colour Sensational The Mattes Lip Colour in Daringly Nude. Definitely the kind of nude that goes the extra mile. It’s the nude with balanced tones that flatters almost any complexion. Plus, its creamy texture and hydrating formula aids in disguising chapped lips.


  1. Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick Kate Moss Collection in 014. This lipstick is Kate Moss-approved for a reason. Not only does it have a smooth and pigmented formulation, it also has that perfect mauve-nude shade perfect for those who are looking for neutral lippies with a hint of rosiness to it—simply the “my lips but better” lipstick.
  1. NYX Matte Lipstick in Euro Trash. While its name doesn’t conjure flattering images, this lipstick can actually fulfil your need for a slightly deeper-toned nude puckers. With its brownish pink shade that looks great on medium to dark skin tones, we promise that there’s nothing remotely trashy about this lipstick.
  1. Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in Magnolia. Got fair skin? Then this pinkish beige lipstick is the choice to make. Not only does it have great formulation, it also provides the answer to getting that au naturel look without looking too washed out or ghostly.

With this selection of neutral shades, nude lippies will surely become a staple product in your daily beauty arsenal.


Essential Makeup Tips for Women with Hooded Eyes

Perfecting a cat eye or smoky eye makeup is hard enough, but for people who are blessed with hooded eyes, the struggle of mastering an eye makeup is made even harder. The eyeshadow seems to completely disappear, the mascara constantly transfers on the brow bone, and the eyeliner flick look all crooked. Luckily, hooded eye gals no longer need to struggle to get your eye makeup right with the help of these top makeup tips.


  1. Opt for Waterproof Mascara. If there’s one annoying thing about having hooded eyes, it would be your lashes frequently touching your brow bone. With this, you’ll likely end up with black smears beneath your eyebrows when your skin gets oily or sweaty. Counter this by ditching your usual mascara and going for a waterproof one. Just take your pick between lengthening and volumizing mascaras.
  1. Play With Colours. One perk of having hooded eyes is that you get to experiment with colours. The little eyelid space that you have is already an enough excuse for you to sport seasonal eyeshadow colours like violet, which looks overwhelming when applied on a larger eyelid space.


  1. Smudge Colours on Your Lower Lashes for a Smoky Eye Effect. Smudged liners and shadows are often swallowed by hooded eyes, making your dramatic smoky eye look almost non-existent. If you constantly experience this, then it’s time for you to flip the traditional smoky eye placement upside down. After working o your eyelids, give your lower lash area some love. Use the same colours you applied on your eyelid on your lower lash to bring the drama down. And add a couple of coats of your favourite mascara to complete your smoky eye look.
  1. Try Several Cat Eye Looks. Contrary to popular belief, there are actually several cat eyes that one can try. Experiment on your cat eye look by making your flicks more curved or triangular, depending on the shape of your eyes. You’ll surely be surprise as to how many looks you’ll be able to create.
  1. Practice Good Eye Makeup Placement. Instead of focusing your time and effort on applying your makeup on your moving lid, work on your eye shadow just below your brow bone where the hooded part begins. The colour will show more visibly when you open your eyes compared to applying it on your eyelid.

Having hooded eyes can cause few makeup challenges, but understand that these challenges aren’t insurmountable. Beauty is all about experimenting and figuring out what works for you. So, if the standard eye makeup isn’t working for your eye shape, don’t hesitate to experiment and try something new. Remember that it’s just make up; you can just put it on and wipe it off if it doesn’t suit you well.


5 Beach Beauty Item Must-Haves

Summer or not, the temptation to shrink your responsibilities at work and at home is quite strong. But even if you travel to a far-flung beach destination, or leave your work behind to get a long weekend rest, it’s important that you stay faithful to your beauty routine. So if you’re heading to the beach, check on these list of beach beauty must-have to ensure that you stay protected while enjoying the reality escape that you got.


  1. Sunscreen. If there’s one big mistake that you can do when heading to the beach, it would be leaving your home without packing and applying your sunscreen beforehand. Remember bring a sunscreen with you even if you’ve already applied it beforehand. Opt for formulas that you find easy to reapply like a cooling gel or a spray sunscreen. Also, don’t forget to pack an SPF lip balm to avoid burning your lips’ delicate skin.
  1. Toning Mist. Basking under the sun can be very fun, but it can wear you out too. Prevent this from happening by having a refreshing toning mist at hand to get rid of the sticky feeling that you get after long hours of lazing around under the sun.
  1. Cleansing Wipes. Other than having fun, heading to the beach also means getting sweaty skin that can serve as a perfect breeding ground for acne breakouts. So if you’re acne-prone, don’t forget to pack a cleansing wipe to get rid of the grease, and keep your face clean and fresh throughout the day.


  1. UV Hair Protectant. Just as how the sun can wreak havoc on your skin, it can also cause some serious damage on your hair after a prolonged exposure. So keep your strands and hair colour protected by applying and bringing a UV-protecting hair spray or serum that has nourishing properties that will protect your hair from the sun’s damage.
  1. Sunglasses. Aside from your hair and skin, ensure that you also keep the fragile skin around your eyes protected by wearing a pair of sunglasses that can protect you against the UVA and UVB rays. Remember, not any will do, so ensure that yours offer a full spectrum of protection.

Just because you’re going on a long weekend trip to the beach doesn’t mean that you should already skip on your beauty routine. Instead, always keep your hair and skin healthy by bringing the aforementioned beauty items and maintaining your beauty routine.