An Update of Workplace Fatalities


Workplace accidents happen and as much as we want it to end, we can’t possibly know when things go amiss. This is why workplace with high risks of accident implements safety precautions to avoid fatalities.


The good news is that deaths at workplaces here in Singapore are at its lowest level in 2014. According to the Workplace Health and Safety Institute (WSH), workplace deaths in 2014 (about sixty deaths) are lower than in 2013 (about seventy three deaths).

This goes to show that more and more companies are implementing stricter safety precautions to avoid fatalities. Though fatalities fell, minor and major injuries increased last year. Here are the findings of the WSH:

  • Number of workplace injuries and occupational diseases: Major injuries for 2014 rose to 672 from 640 in 2013. Minor injuries for 2014 rose to 12, 863 from 11,740 in 2013. The occupational diseases for 2014 rose to 992 from 887 in 2013.


  • Number of workplace fatal injuries by industry: The construction industry accounted to half of the fatalities last year with twenty seven deaths followed by manufacturing with six deaths and marine with four deaths. Transportation and storage industry accounted twelve deaths in 2014.
  • Number of workplace fatal injuries by incident types: Falls decreased from seventeen in 2013 to fourteen in 2014. Workers who were struck by moving objects fell from nine in 2013 to eight in 2014. Collapse/Failure of structure and equipment decreased from ten in 2013 to six in 2014.

Knowing these things, we have to be very extra careful when we are dealing with work. We should never ignore the safety and give high regard to precautions to avoid accidents from happening.

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Mistakes You Might be Making at Work

When we’re at work, we make sure that we’re productive. The company would love to know that you are making most of the time. However, there are times when you think you are being productive but in truth, you are not. It is important that you know mistakes you are making at work so you can gain new perspective and do better.


There are people who think that working in Singapore is difficult but you can actually keep up if you avoid mistakes that you are making whether consciously or unconsciously. Avoiding these mistakes will benefit you and the company. Here are some mistakes that you should watch out and avoid:

  • Ignoring company goals: You are given the time to read the company goals, vision, mission and ideals before actually working because the company wants you to understand where they are coming from. It is crucial that you know everything so your tasks will be based on that. It is not enough to get things done because there are far more important things that follow.


  • Not having friends around: Keeping to yourself when you work is not advisable. As the saying goes “no man is an island”. This is true especially if you are working. There are studies that show having some friends around the workplace will make your life happier. Having friends around will make your experience positive.
  • Taking no breaks: You think that taking no breaks will make you more productive. That is not true. You have to take enough breaks to function properly. It is okay to goof around with your workmates every once in a while because these things will energize you.
  • Putting limits: When you work, you should not put limits. You have to work as if there are no limits and restrictions because that is when you realize you can achieve more.
  • Overlooking customers: You are overworked that you do not have time to interact with your customers. Businesses that do not interact with their customers tend to die early. Simply gestures like smiling or saying “hi” may be enough.

At the end of the day, you only want to be productive but in order to achieve that, you must understand the things mentioned above. Yes, there are plenty of jobs here in Singapore that you can just ignore everything and wait to get fired but then that is not how it works. While you are at the job, might as well make the most of it and leave good memories.

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