Tips for Choosing the Right Bag

Whether for fashion or function, there are Singaporeans who love bags. Bags are important in the lives of Singaporeans every day. Without it, things will be inconvenient and more difficult to handle. The good news is that there are many bags in the market. Buying a bag is easy but choosing the right one is difficult.


Choosing the right bag is more than looking at the price tag or picking the right colour. Believe it or not, bags can flatter your figure. Bags can also complete your whole outfit. You see, the power of bags should not be underestimated. You carry your bag every day and it is important that you carry it with pride. You have to choose the right bag for you.

The good news is that you can easily find the right bag if you consider the following tips:


  • Length: It was mentioned earlier that bags can flatter your body. Remember this: the part of your body where the bottom sits will be emphasized. If you have small hips, a long bag will give you a more feminine look. If you have large hips, you should look for a bag that will level your waist line; it will make you look slimmer.
  • Shape: The shape is an important aspect too. You have to make sure that your bag compliments your shape. For example, if you are slim and tall, choose bags that are slouchy, rounded or large. If you are kind of short but curvy, look for bags with great angles.
  • Size: You just do not follow the trend. It doesn’t mean that it is in trend, you have to wear it. For example, just because small bags are in, you have to buy it even if you are tall and slim. It was tackled that you need to wear big, slouchy and rounded.
  • Usage: Before you purchase bags, it is crucial that you think of where you will use it. Is the bag for work or for going out? Do you need to carry laptop or books? If you identified where you will use it, things will be easier.
  • Style: You purchase bags because you like or love it. You have to think about your style when you are about to purchase bags. If you are particular about trendy bags, you can try searching pictures of models wearing the same (or similar) outfit vis-a-vis the bag used.

That should be enough. With the tips mentioned above, you will surely pick the right bag.