Tips on Conditioning Yourself for the Climb

Summer presents a lot of opportunities for Singaporeans. Summer is the perfect time to do the things that you want. If you do not mind slight sunburn, you should go out. If in this case you are thinking about climbing a mountain outside of Singapore, you should condition yourself so you can successfully climb any mountain.


Climbing a mountain is adventurous. The view from the top will surely make the climb worth it. Here are some tips on conditioning yourself for the climb:

  • Join a club: The first thing that you should do is join a mountain climbing club. It can be a mountain climbing club in your school or in your community. This will give you the right perspective. If you spend time together with your fellow enthusiasts, you will surely feel happy.
  • Undertake the right training: If your club decides to climb a mountain, you have to undertake series of training. The training should be enough to condition your body. Your training serves as your preparation for the climb. If the training is right, you will not encounter any problems.


  • Expect the unexpected: You have to expect the unexpected so you can enjoy the climb. If it is your first time to climb, you have to expect that it will be rough and unpleasant. That is just the beginning. As you go along, every climb will be fun. You will see.
  • Prepare yourself: Climbing is not easy as it looks. It is not like strolling in the beach. You need to train and prepare things for it to be successful. You have to bring the essential things like backpack, shoes, tent, sleeping bag, water bottle, stove, outfit and more importantly, camera.
  • Lessons you will learn: Climbing is for everyone. If you give yourself a chance, you will surely survive. Apart from appreciating the beauty and wonders of nature, in camping you also learn different lessons and values like self-reliance and discipline.IMG_0014

Camping Essentials: What to Bring

If you are interested in camping, you have to prepare yourself because it is not easy and it is not a one-day activity. You have to make sure that you brought important things because you cannot just go back to the city and purchase things. You can consider the camping essentials provided below.


1.       Tent – Tents are important because it will serve as your temporary shelter. It will also serve as your protection. You should know that tents vary in different sizes. If you are serious about buying a new tent, you have to make sure that you choose a spacious and light weight one.

 2.       Cooking stove – The next thing that you should secure is your cooking stove. Without it, you cannot eat. There is a particular stove used by mountaineers or campers. It is not something that you use in your kitchen. It is portable and light weight.

3.       Pots – The partner of cooking stove is pots. You have to make sure that you bring pots to cook your meals. Do not bring pots that are big and bulky. You should look for pots that are small, handy and light weight. You only need one.

4.       Sleeping bag – You are very tired after the long day so your body needs to rest. How can you rest without your sleeping bag. You have to secure sleeping bag. Sleeping bags will protect you from the cold.


5.       Clothing – You do not need to change your clothes every now and then. When you camp, you should bring at least one good pair of clothing. You can bring extra clothing too like jackets. You have to look for clothing that is comfortable, dry and durable.

6.       Utility knife – You cannot achieve simple tasks like cutting ropes or opening cans if you do not bring with you your utility knife. Utility knife is your outdoor best friend. Do not go outside without this.

7. Food and water – Of course, do not forget to bring your food and water. Without it, your body will feel weak. You need to nourish your body. Do not bring many because it will only increase your cargo. Bring foods that are small and filling.

Now you are settled. You will surely enjoy every moment of it because you have everything you need. You can invite your friends and other loved ones to make things more memorable. Here in Singapore, there are many camping sites that you can consider. If you want a challenging one, you can go outside Singapore.



A Safe Shooting Spree

Shooting is one sport that is extremely expensive. However, even if it is very costly, the benefits that you can get of having background in shooting is worth the price. Shooting is also a form of self-defense. Sometimes, many people take advantage in their shooting skills. They use it for harassing people; thinking that they are the most powerful person in the world.


In Singapore, one of the latest sports is shooting. However, it is not the usual shooting sport that requires pricey expenses. Due to the advancement of technology and creative minds of people, this whole new sport has been created – Paintball.

Paintball is among the most popular recreational activity in the city. It’s very safe and affordable unlike shooting that needs a killer bullet and a very expensive gear and gun. While in the city, enjoy playing paintball in the biggest paintball place in the country – Red Dynasty Paintball Park. Here, you will have fun because of its unique playing ground and modern equipment used.


In fact, the 20-meter shooting area of Red Dynasty has gain popularity to the locals most especially tourists. The playing site is situated in the Bottle Tree Park at Yishun. The good thing about the place is that it offers discounts such as the Godfather (100 paintballs) and Rambo (250 Paintballs) to large groups.

At the Paintball Park, you will be amused with the new equipment they are using. Indeed! Paintball is a very exciting game and is perfect for institutions, especially for team building.