Motivating Yourself to Exercise


If there is something to be addicted to, it should be exercise. Instead of wasting our time watching TV or constantly checking our social media, we have to be busy and do it the healthy way. Not all Singaporeans appreciate exercise because it is arduous but we should not stop at that. Exercise can benefit our overall health and there is no denying about that.

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Getting addicted to exercise is somehow good. In fact, it can positively change our lives. If we are not into exercise yet, we have to change our lifestyle. We will be surprised that a little lifestyle tweak and motivation can transform our fitness habits.

Here are some things that we can do so we can be addicted to exercise:

  • Enrol to a paid membership: Yes, we can exercise in our own homes, but it’s much harder to maintain our motivation there. There’s the couch or the bed when we are tired. We can even sit in the dining table or simply watch television if we realized that it is tiresome.

If we pay membership and actually go to fitness centres, the ambiance is enough to motivate us plus we already paid so that means we have to get our money’s worth. In our effort to get our money’s worth, we will frequent the gym. The good thing is that there are many gyms here in Singapore.


  • Give it time: It is important that we set time. It should not be that long or short. It should be enough say 66 days. According to the University College London, it will take an average of 66 days to form a habit. Exercise is the most difficult habit to get into so we have to give it time and rush things.
  • Take small steps: If we throw ourselves in the rush, we will be disheartened and injured. It is crucial that we take baby steps. As mentioned above, it will take 66 days to form a habit. If we are a beginner, we should first focus on the key areas we want to work on before thinking of the whole picture.
  • Exercise first thing in the morning: According to the University of New South Wales, early exercises are more likely to stick to their fitness regime than those who consider it later in the day. With this, we have to do our best to exercise first thing in the morning.

If given the things above exercise is still impossible, it is time that we ask for the intervention of the people around us. We can ask our friends and family to help us tread the road of healthy lifestyle.


Most Helpful Gym Machines  

If we go to the gym, there are many machines that we can utilize to facilitate our fitness goals. If we do not know how to use one, there are always many fitness instructors here in Singapore who are ready to lend a hand and assist us in our journey through health and wellness.


We do not know it but sometimes we are giving special treatment to our favourite gym machines. We have to consider other machines as well because each machine is designed to match our fitness goals. If in this case we want to lose weight visibly, we have to plan ahead and utilize every gym machine. By utilizing the right machine, we can make the most of our workout and the rate of our progress will be noticeable.

Here are some tips and helpful gym machines that we can consider:


  • Starting strong: We have to know that the crucial part is establishing our form. This means that our body should be in the best shape so we can dedicate the right amount of time to strength and cardio training. In simple terms, we have to start strong. We have to remember to train our full body from the upper to lower and cardio. We should not concentrate on one aspect of the training. If we want to start strong, we should consider the overhead press. The machine is safe especially if we are new to strength training. Overhead press will target the upper and shoulder muscles. We can also consider Ab crunch (which works with the belly fat), Leg press (improving the endurance of the leg muscles) and Lat pull down (which strengthens the biceps, shoulders and of course the back).
  • Cardio: After mastering the weights and strengthening, it is time that we start on our cardio training. We have to spend at least forty five minutes of cardio exercise for optimal weight loss. We can consider the Stationary bike; cycling is the best exercise for weight loss. We can also utilize Treadmill. In a Treadmill, we can set the incline level which is helpful for a flatter tummy. Eliptical trainer is also an important machine that we should utilize. The Eliptical machine can improve the mobility of legs and arms.
  • Mats: If we hate machines and its complications, we can resort to traditional mats. There are many exercises that we can consider even when we are in the mats. For example, push-ups can make a difference. We can also consider crunches which can strengthen the core and the glutes.

This should be enough. If the machines are used right, we can see the result immediately.