Clichés about Love

Love makes the world go round. It makes our heart beat fast and the notion of it makes our head spin even faster. There are plenty of things we can say about love but for the longest time, have we mastered it yet? Are we still looking at it with rose-colored glasses or are we seeing it in all its reality? Most of us in Singapore still consider ourselves romantic. We still believe in that one true, in finding our soul mate, that one person destined for us. But is there really such a thing? What else do others believe about in love that other people?


Marriage cements love

We should probably blame it in the traditional times when people shudder at the thought of kissing someone you’re not married with. There are still a lot of folks who believe that marriage can cement love in their relationship. I personally know of some friends who are going through rough times in their relationship and consider of getting married as a way out of their problems. Sorry to burst anyone’s bubbles but marriage will do nothing but bind you legally into a social contract an that’s about it.

Love is blind

This is for the hopeless romantics who still manage to exist in this modern day and age. Thinking that love is blind is a notion that suggests couples can and will accept each other completely, harping on the positives, and just ignoring the other’s imperfections. These probably means well but let’s face it, sooner or later reality will get a hold of us. We’ll soon get to see each other in their true colors and we can’t just blindly accept the other’s imperfections. Some of these may even trigger couple fights.young_love_565019

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Some people insist that making oneself missed is one of the best ways to be more wanted and appreciated by the other person. I’ll admit this seems effective every once in a while. But take this to the extreme and do this more frequently and it might just work against you. Some people also believe that what’s out of sight is out of mind.

Sex fosters love

Men may be the ones who try to use this cliché more often than women as most women builds on intimacy through conversations and other means other than lovemaking. It is men who are more sexually driven and for others, they may have used this as a weapon just to get what they want with their partners in the relationship.