Welcoming Year of the Wood Sheep with a Clean and Fresh Home  

An all-time Chinese tradition is an open and welcoming house for family and friends. With loved ones visiting the home anytime, keeping it clean and fresh can be oftentimes challenging. To keep you worry-free when friends and relatives come over, here are a few tips to ensure your home looks and smells fresh all-year round.


1. Freshen Up Fabrics – Fabrics tend to get stained and pick up germs very easily, so make sure to wash them regularly. You may also sprits your fabrics and linen with fabric refresher every now and then for quick solution to odour and germs.

2. Clean Messes Right Away – If little spills happen, clean them right away while the stains are fresh as they can be wiped more easily. Keep emergency wipes and tissue rolls in accessible locations so you can easily grab them to attend such accidents.


3. Control Clutter – Unnecessary items strewn in places will make the space look more cluttered than it actually is. Make use of laundry baskets or large storage bags to throw in random items that are not in use. That way, your things won’t go missing but won’t be left lying around either.

4.Multi-Task Whenever Possible – Instead of picking a specific day for general cleaning, do small chores whenever convenient. For example, while taking a bath, scrub the shower area at the same time. Or wipe down the kitchen countertops after cooking your meal or after washing the dishes.

5. Ventilate Well – Make sure that your home is well ventilated, open the windows or strategically place stand fans in some areas. Proper air circulation prevents airborne germs from budding and eliminates unwanted odours. If using an air conditioner, ensure that the filters are cleaned regularly.


Keeping the home clean should not only be a something we do at the beginning of the year. Although this is the time when we expect the most visitors, New Year is also the best time to start a good habit that we should continue doing all year round.