Ways to Fix Home Painting Problems

House painting offers a protective and durable coating that will protect house sidings for many years when it’s properly applied and maintained. But do know that home painting problems do occur – either because of a simple wear and tear or improper application of the paint. So before you go calling out various painting services to help you deal with these home painting problems, here are some easy tricks that you can go with to fix these problems.

close-up of a turquoise cracked and peeling painted background,

1. Peeling Paint
Whether you hired some painting services or you painted your home by yourself, occurrences of peeling paint is just normal. It simply indicates that the paint did not properly adhere to the surface to begin with. This usually happens when paint is applied to an already loose or flaking paint, damp wood, or to a dirty and greasy surface.

Peeling paints just means that you need to perform some repainting sessions. Moreover, to avoid peeling paint in the future, completely scrape any loose paint from the surface and thoroughly clean the area to be painted on. Fill in any surface nicks and gouges, use prime paint before repainting the surface and do paint only in dry weather.

2. Blistering Paint
Blistering paints are quite easy to fix. If you happen to notice a paint blister, simply cut it open and break away the paint found in it. If there are bare woods underneath, then you’ll know that the blister was caused by the moisture in the damp wood that was trapped behind the paint seal that just fought to get out. But if the surface beneath the blister is painted, then the paint solvent that dried up to quickly might’ve caused the paint blisters to appear.

Most blisters are often localized, so a complete repainting or getting some painting services might not be necessary. To avoid similar problems in the future, scrape out the blistered area, smoothen it out, make sure that the surface is completely dry, and prime and paint it but not in direct sunlight.

3. Chalking Paint
Most siding paints produces chalk-like substances, which is pretty normal to allow a good rain to rinse off the dirt in the sidings. But excessive production of this substance will dull out your paint’s sheen and color. Performing some power washing might solve this problem; if not, then you might need to do some house painting project.

4. Sagging or Wrinkling Paint
Wrinkling, sagging, formation of lumps and similar imperfections the surface simply indicates that you or the painter you hired was in a hurry when they painted it. Such problems are commonly caused by applying too-heavy top coat or by careless rolling and paint brushing. To fix this problems, you’ll need to do some repainting, but make sure that the paint will be applied according to label directions.


5. Alligatoring Paint
Cracked, alligator-skin liked surface is usually caused by any of these three things: The paint has gone too old that it’s no longer resilient to the weather changes, the new top coat that you applied failed to properly adhere because it isn’t compatible either with the primer or the bottom coat, or the paint was applied before the previous coating totally dried up.

A seriously cracked paint surface should be repainted immediately, but remember to remove the old coating first before repainting it. To avoid similar problems in the future, make sure that the paint that you’ll be using is compatible with either the primer or the bottom coat. Also, allow your bottom coat to totally dry out first before you apply the next coating.

6. Lead-based Paints
If you have lived in Singapore even before the 1970’s, then the paint used in your house are more likely to contain lead, which can be hazardous – especially for the children – both through physical contact or by simply breathing the dust from the scraping and sanding of the surface.

If you already suspect that your home is coated with lead-based paint, then request information on how you can properly remove it from your local public health department in Singapore or simply contact a company that offers good Singapore painting services.

Avoiding these home painting problems is easy. All you need is to follow the guidelines to avoid any further damage, as you enjoy your freshly coated home.

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