How to Survive a Night Shift Job


You have to know that you have a scheduler which is hardwired into you. This is called circadian clock. This clock will help the body determine when it is time to sleep and wake up. However, there are times that your sleep cycle is disrupted because of many activities like traveling between time zones and late night shifts. Dealing with this can be annoying, uncomfortable and tiring.

If you are working every night, it is important that you manage it so you do not sleep all throughout your working hours. Medical professionals and call center agents especially need tips on managing night shift. It is not easy going against the body clock but if you are serious about it, you will succeed. Many Singaporeans need you so you have to be strong.

Here are some tips to survive the night shift:

  • Eat before the shift: There is no problem during the day because the cafeteria has well stocked foods. But when it comes at night, who knows what foods are left. With this, it is important that you eat before your shift. In case you get hungry in the middle of your shift, bring good food.


  • Sleep for at least 8 hours during the day: You already know that your schedule is not ordinary. When you come home after your night shift, make sure that you sleep for at least 8 hours during the day. It is quite challenging not to sleep at night because the pace of work may be a bit slow.


  • Do not sleep immediately: No matter how sleepy you are, you should not sleep immediately after daybreak. Relax for a while. When the body feels relaxed, it will be ready to sleep.

  • Gradually change work schedule: It is good to always work at night because of the deferential pay but it cannot stay like that forever. There will come a time that you will work multiple shifts. If you are transitioning from night shift to day shift, what better way to do it than gradually? Do not make the sudden change because the body will surely suffer.


  • Provide conducive sleep environment: You already know that you should not sleep immediately and then if you sleep, 8 hours of sleep is needed. To sleep soundly, you have to use earplugs, sleep mask and black out curtains if you must.


  • Do not depend on pills: There are times that sleep does not come easy. You have no choice but to drink sleeping pills. It is not good to depend on pills because it can alter your circadian rhythms.

Using a Tracking Software to Increase Work Productivity


With the help of an employee training tracking software, companies will be able to monitor their employees more effectively. If you’re pushing for business growth amidst the unpredictable market, you have all the more reasons to explore using a training program software rather than letting go of the option altogether. Gone are the days when basic skills like reading and writing are enough to ensure that employees would be able to contribute to the success of the company.


If you want to be able to keep up with the demands in the industry, you need your employees to be very well equipped with a multitude of skills. You need your team equipped with the knowledge and tools they need so they can respond to the rapid changes in the market.

Why Provide Training Programs

With an effective employee training tracking software, you also increase the number of highly-experienced employees in the team. When someone from the senior team leaves unexpectedly, you wouldn’t have issues finding a replacement. You then need to ensure that the training includes developing leadership skills and effective people management among others. Also, when employees are equipped with a diverse set of skills, they will be able to bring more to the table.

Streamlining + Strengthening

Through training, you can as well help your business retain employees. Employees are less likely to search for a greener pasture if they see growth or next-level opportunities ahead of them in the company they’re currently in. Your employees will also appreciate you better for helping them grow their skill set. If you wouldn’t do this for them, chances are your competitors might offer it to your top employees. You don’t want to lose valuable members of the company.


Challenges in Implementation

While trainings are beneficial, you still need to plan your program carefully. Employees cannot always take the entire day off all at the same time because you still need the operations running smoothly. Training content needs to be targeted and more concise. You also need to consider that people have various learning styles. Catering to these differences should be among your utmost concerns when implementing your training program.

Advantages of Tracking Software

Organizing a training program can be a daunting task for your employees especially that they also have a lot on their plate. With the help of an employee training tracking software, you can help everyone perform their jobs effectively while at the same time being able to participate in trainings. There are learning platforms from companies Deskera Singapore, for instance, that integrates data and analytics on their learning platform, allowing you to see user progress. You can see easily which employees are performing and which ones are lagging.

A tracking software makes implementing training programs less overwhelming. Go see it yourself. Make sure to take advantage of the demos provided to you.