Must-Have Ingredients in the Kitchen

Living alone or living with other people in a place with a kitchen means that every once in a while. You don’t need to be a professional chef to know how to work the kitchen because cooking is actually a basic human ability. Historically, everyone was cooking because of the need for cooked food but as time progressed and the availability of cooked food became more accessible, a lot of people lost the urge to even learn how to cook.

Nowadays, not everybody actually knows how to cook. Even the simplest dish like egg or rice can sometimes be hard for people who do not know how the basics of cooking. Cooking is a skill that might take some time and practice to matter but with the right push, you’ll get better in no time.

Anyway, let’s get back to the kitchen. Aside from the frying pans and the stove and everything a basic kitchen might have, let’s talk about the ingredients you should most definitely have in your kitchen.

1. Salt
Salt is a basic ingredient to almost every dish around. In fact, there are only a number of dishes that do not require salt as a basic ingredient and this is why you should always have some salt in your kitchen. Salt is not only cheap but also very easy to buy. You can easily buy salt almost everywhere. Another great thing about salt is that it does not easily spoil. In fact, salt has a shelf life so long that you won’t even have to worry about it.

2. Pepper
Pepper is a great addition to meat and other dishes as it gives a little kick to a basic bland dish. Pepper can be a bit harsh if you put too much of it in whatever you are cooking but with the right amount, pepper could do justice to whatever dish you are trying to prepare.

3. Garlic
If you are too lazy to slice garlic or do not have the time to slice garlic every time you are preparing for a meal, you can buy crushed garlic which you would only have to sprinkle over your food as you are trying to prepare it. The shelf life of these granulated crushed garlic can last quite a while which would save you a lot of time. Just do not get the container wet as it would cause the garlic to solidify.

4. Sugar
Sugar is a great way to add sweetness to whatever meal you are trying to make. Sugar can be added to so many things to make it taste not just sweeter but also better. Sugar is also very affordable and has a long shelf life but you have to make sure you keep it safe and sealed. You do not want ants to start to eating your sugar and infesting your kitchen.