5 Daily Habits That Are Secretly Ruining Your Life


So you have listed down everything you need to do for the week and enrolled yourself for gym membership, which will start tomorrow. You must be well on your way to a better living. You’re going to live a healthy and well-organized life.


Not so fast, though. There are so many things we do on a daily basis that are secretly ruining our life. Here are five daily habits you should stop doing from now on.

  1. Going Straight from Bed to the Shower

Before heading to the shower tomorrow morning do this—face yourself in the mirror and strike a pose. By assuming a positive pose, such as a victory pose, a lovely “selfie” smile, or a pose flexing the muscles, you instantly lift your mood and set yourself positively for the rest of the day. Tell yourself that you can do anything, and you become more enthusiastic to take on the day.

  1. Washing Your Hair Everyday

If your hair is manageable and looks fine, leave it as it is. Washing your hair every day does ensure it’s always clean, but it strips the hair off of its essential oils. And oils that are called ‘essential’ must be the oils you want to keep. Besides, day-old hair looks and style much better than freshly-washed locks.

  1. Using Your Phone Before Going to Sleep

Whether you’re playing Candy Crush, answering e-mails, or checking your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts, staring at the bright screen of your phone before dozing off stimulates the brain, making it harder for your body to sense that it’s time to sleep. If you want to enhance the quality of your sleep, meditate or listen to relaxing music instead.


  1. Always Checking Your E-Mail

Checking your e-mail every time a new mail comes in only takes away your focus from your current task. This can ruin your productivity as you need to keep on shifting your mental focus from your e-mail to your tasks multiple times a day. The best thing you can do is to designate two to three times a day to check on your e-mail and reply to messages. And for the time in between, close your e-mail completely so you won’t be interrupted.

  1. Eating Late or Skipping Meals

You need food and water to survive. That’s a fact. If you’re not having your meals on time, you’re not only causing harm to your health, but to your productivity as well. Don’t skip meals or eat out late in lieu of working and make sure to take full breaks. While you’re at it, stay away from your workplace and eat your lunch somewhere you can relax and just enjoy your food.

With the demands of our day-to-day lives, prioritizing our health and well-being can easily get out of hand. However, it pays to be mindful with our everyday activities and life choices to ensure better quality of life.