The Best Time to Start Building that Family  


Here in Singapore, the government is encouraging couples to have babies right away. The government has every reason to worry about the population because couples these days are postponing building a family. Many Singaporeans have the greater urge to balance careers and other life goals compared to having kids.


When it is finally time to have a kid, more and more couples are having troubles because of fertility problems. Couples wind up not having kids at all. That is not a good thing. Given this problem, there is a study from Netherlands.

The researchers assess the maximum age of which a woman should start being pregnant. Researchers assess the age depending on the couple’s desire of how many kids to have and whether the woman is open for Vitro Fertilization (IVF) – given that their fertility declines with age.


The result revealed that women who want to have at least one child without considering IVF should try getting pregnant no later than age 32. As for those who want to bear at least two children, they should try getting pregnant no later than age 27.

However, for those who are willing to consider IVF, they can postpone pregnancy ten or more years later. The age really depends on the couple. If IVF is not an acceptable solution for the couple, they have to keep trying as soon as possible or suffer the consequences. The study reminds the women and their ob-gyns to be truthful about their probabilities of fertility.

Having children is the best feeling but if a woman is still not ready, she should bear the child according to her own volition.

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5 Simple Things Men Wish Women Knew About Them  

Just like women, men also have their own needs and wants. The only difference is that men don’t tend to express their feelings as well as women, making it difficult to exactly pinpoint what they really want. To get an insight of men’s way of thinking, we chat with the men in our office and circle of friends. If you want some clues on how your beau thinks, here are what you need to know.

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  1. Men are more comfortable with saying ‘I love you’ through actions.

Since most men are not vocal with their feelings, they oftentimes prefer showing their love instead of saying it. You might notice your man doing favours for you, like fixing things around the house, taking out the trash, or tidying up the backyard—anything that would make you feel better and more convenient. That’s their way to express their love.

  1. Men take commitment very seriously.

Men have this reputation of being afraid to commit to a relationship. However, the evidence suggests otherwise and proves that men take marriage very seriously. They take longer to commit because they want to be sure before getting onboard. In a survey of married men, around 90% said that they would marry the same woman again.


  1. Men Struggle with Visual Temptation

Most women get upset if they catch their man checking out a hot chick while they’re walking around in public. Though this is admittedly offensive, studies suggest that even the most faithful boyfriends and husbands still struggle avoiding visual temptations. They’re really just built that way.

  1. Men find shared activities nourishing to the relationship.

Instead of sharing feelings and thoughts, men prefer doing shared activities to strengthen relationships. For most men, activities like outdoor expeditions, sports, and sex makes them feel closer to their partner.

  1. Men want more sex.

As mentioned, sex is among men’s favourite activities with their partner. Perhaps, you’re thinking men want more sex because of their strong physical needs. However, researches show that the reason behind men’s great longing for sex is because of their need to be desired by their spouse. If you think this will make your man happy, just give it to him. It will help nurture the relationship, as well as the intimacy.

Surely, there are a lot of other things guy wish women knew about them that haven’t mentioned. But hopefully, the five we enumerated already enlightened and helped you to understand your man a lot better.


Difficulties Facing Newlyweds Singapore  

Congratulations to all the newlyweds out there. Here’s to beautiful days ahead! However, older couples out there would agree that marriage life is not always bliss – after all, life is never perfect. Despite that, we should still be positive that we can endure all of life’s challenger. And for newlyweds, the first struggle is often finding a home or settling-in in general.


In Singapore, newlywed couples often settle for build-to-order (BTO) flats and work their way up. But the challenge does not stop there because after settling in, there are still many difficulties newlyweds might encounter. Those include:

  • Too many things in the supermarket: When couples do grocery shopping, they would buy a lot of things because there are just too many things in the supermarket that they think they need only find out that they overspend and overstock. For picky couples out there, choosing between too many things in the supermarket entails time. The more things they see, the longer they linger and decide.
  • Too many gadgets: It is no secret that there are too many gadgets here. Some people buy gadgets for the sake of having one. If we want to keep up, we need to buy things. It doesn’t even end there because we still have to learn how to operate these gadgets.


  • No internet connection: It was mentioned a while ago that there are too many gadgets in the market. These gadgets will be in vain if there is no internet connection. Today, not having an internet connection is almost like not having a power connection. What’s worse is the overpromising of telecom companies.
  • Warranties: There is nothing wrong if we extend our warranties but if money does not permit it, we have to say “no” – for the meantime. For newlywed couples who are just starting, we could use every penny we save in our daily lives.
  • Too many things in the household: Newlywed couples are overwhelmed by the thought of their first hope. We have a tendency to pack too many things. But if live in a small flat, we have to be conscious and wise about the things we put because our ultimate goal should be to save space, not to fill it with things. Fewer things also facilitate faster cleaning.
  • Overspending for online shopping: If we compare online stores with retail stores, there are cases that online stores offer cheaper items. This is the reason why many people are drawn to online shopping. We have to remember though that online shopping may make us vulnerable to overspending.

We are not saying that life can be complicated here in Singapore. The article only shows a picture of newlyweds and some of their difficulties. Many couples can surely relate from this.

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