What Your Engagement Ring Says About You

Every love is precious and rare, and a woman’s ring is the perfect way to showcase that. If you really want to know more about a woman’s personality—and love life—notice her engagement ring. These could be the meaning behind every ring style you’ll see on someone’s hand:


1. Round Cut

A round cut diamond symbolizes traditional values in love and romance. These traditional brides-to-be would want everything to be classic—A-line wedding dress, cathedral-length veil, and her mother’s brooch pinned on her bouquet. Talking about personality? They are dependable and thoughtful, with their loved ones as top priority.

2. Princess Cut

A princess cut diamond features a classic shape with a little something extra, making it a popular choice among classic-modern Singapore brides. You can expect to see her in a white pantsuit instead of a traditional wedding gown or have her wedding in an unexpected venue, like art galleries and rooftop pools or gardens. Many brides love the these types of beautiful engagement rings for lifetime in Singapore as it is a classic cut. Creative and daring spirit is most likely the reason why her groom is lured to her magnificence.

3. Emerald Cut

A woman who wears an emerald engagement ring is more likely drawn to subtle elegance. It symbolizes a more modified style, and those who choose this stone cut tend to be well organized and decisive. These brides could be wearing a sheath dress and walking down the aisle with a charming bouquet of lilies for that effortless chic look.

4. Marquise

Named after Marquise De Pompadour, the mistress of France’s King Louis XV, there’s no wonder that this ring is for women oozing with major sex appeal. While it is not the most practical stone shape for a ring because it can easily get caught on clothing and other stuff, it’s still among the most popular choices especially for brides with strong personality.

5. Cushion Cut

While tradition is important for these brides, they also appreciate a twist of uniqueness in every aspect. We bet she would be wearing a sophisticated mermaid gown, but paired with stark blue killer heels. It’s also safe to say that the wedding will be heavy on glamour—crystal brooches on bouquets, sparkly bridesmaid dresses, and champagne towers are your thing.


6. Coloured Ring

Coloured rings are unique, and so does the wearer of the ring in Singapore. The bride loves doing things her way, so expect to see unconventional wedding dress, perhaps with a touch of quirky embellishments or a splash of vibrant colour. And if anyone in the office is going to throw an amazing wedding party in an exotic destination, it’s going to be her.

7. Oval Shape

An oval shape stone is for the bride who has that soft, feminine character, and likes everything to be classic but with a twist. A hard working career woman at day, but lets her hair down at night. This elegant shape is a favourite among brides not only because of its sophisticated look, but also with because of its sparkle that’s comparable to a classic round cut diamond.

8. Heart Shape

Brides who prefer this stone shape likely have fairytale-like views about love and romance. The heart is the ultimate symbol of love for these brides, and they take pride for having that beautiful relationship with their partner. However, this may not be the best choice for brides who tend to shy away from the spotlight, as this exquisite shape will surely attract attention.

9. Pear Shape

This shape is preferred by romantic and gentle-natured brides, but those who also exhibit independent values. Balance and symmetry rule their lives, and they expect the same from people around them.

An engagement ring is a personal choice. And even if brides don’t realize it, they are drawn to certain wedding ring styles for some unexplainable reason. This reason could be because the style of the ring reflects their preferences and personality, and thus appeals to them much more than any other styles. So if you want to know more about a friend’s character and style, her proposal ring speaks volumes of it.