Dealing with Bed Bugs

Whether you are staying in a high-class hotel or a cheap hostel, there is one thing that is common – bed bugs.  Bed bugs are minute and there are thousands of them crawling. The sad part is that it can spread from one place to another. It is important that you know how to deal with bed bugs so you won’t suffer its outcome.


It is not the end of the world. Instead of sulking or not getting enough sleep, you should find the right solution for eliminating bed bugs. Here’s how:

  • Alcohol: You can use alcohol to get rid of bed bugs. Be sure to choose 70% rubbing alcohol. You can mix the alcohol with water and soak the mattress and springs. If you have enough, clean the floors and the crevices.
  • Detergent: If you want a more effective one, you can use a detergent. You need to mix the detergent with water and then soak the mattress and springs. Do not forget to include the floors and the crevices to be sure that no bed bugs got away.


  • Insecticides: Using chemical insecticides is optional. This should not be used often because they can have an effect in your health. You should use insecticides for places that are unreachable by your aerosol spray.
  • Plastic bags: The best way to kill bed bugs is to suffocate them by using plastic bags. After cleaning with your alcohol or detergent, you can cover your mattress with clear plastic bags. After covering everything, seal it with a masking tape.
  • Expose to the sun: The traditional way to get rid of bed bugs is exposing them to the sun. The heat from the sun can kill bed bugs. You can expose your mattress, pillows and other beddings in the sun as often as you can.

All households have bed bugs. If you want to be sure, you can call pest busters. The good news is that there are many pest busters here in Singapore that you can call.