Fixing Your Own Plumbing System

Actually, by fixing your leaking pipes, you can save more or less 10 percent in your water bills. When you suspect a leak in your plumbing system, better confirm it because sometimes, it is just a water build-up due to the damp environment. But, if you are sure that it is leaking, turn off our water system, detect the leak, clean it and then, mark it. To fix it yourself, you can follow the steps below:


  • Pipes – Sometimes the cause of leaky pipes is rust. Indeed, pipes will last for a long time but it does not mean that it shouldn’t be maintained so it doesn’t get rust. To fix this kind of problem, you need to replace the pipe that is affected.
  • Joints – The joints are the most common part where the leak occurs. This is due to the improper fastening of the joints to the pipes. In this case, you can just tighten it using the different plumbing tools. If it doesn’t work, call some professionals who can do the job for you.


It is really true that changing the pipes, valves, joints and other parts of the entire plumbing system is very costly. Hence, making us come up with a decision to not install new equipment for the plumbing system. But in reality, changing the entire system is more efficient than patching the pipes or perhaps the joints, especially when it served you for a long time. Since checking the system takes time and requires cash and exceptional knowledge, you will need to collaborate with some plumbers who are keen and qualified to do the work.