How to Stay Safe in the Digital Age  


Staying safe is hard these days knowing that things may hit us without us knowing. With this, it is crucial that we protect the things that we have. We may be vulnerable now but that does not mean we have to stay that way forever.


Staying safe is challenging especially with the technology we have. Hackers can get into our lives and pull things. If we do not want them to touch our lives, we have to stay safe and secure our mobile devices. Our mobile devices provide a rich source of information for hackers to use. We should not let them in.

Singaporeans should know how to stay safe. We can begin by considering the following:

  • Get iPhone or iPad: If we are concerned about our security, we have to get iPhone or iPad because Apple’s iOS is still integrally safer than Android (especially Android’s older versions). Apple’s operating system provides security updates most of the time which can help us.


  • Consider Nexus phone or tablet: If we really want Android, we can still be secured but we have to choose the right phone or tablet. Experts say that Nexus is a safer bet. Nexus are updated more rapidly than any other product.
  • Installing security software: We have to know that not all Android devices provide quick updates thereby exposing us. Since this is the case, the best thing that we can do is install security software.

The best choice of course is Apple’s iOS because of its strict security measures. Android is catching up but they are not there yet.


An Update of Workplace Fatalities


Workplace accidents happen and as much as we want it to end, we can’t possibly know when things go amiss. This is why workplace with high risks of accident implements safety precautions to avoid fatalities.


The good news is that deaths at workplaces here in Singapore are at its lowest level in 2014. According to the Workplace Health and Safety Institute (WSH), workplace deaths in 2014 (about sixty deaths) are lower than in 2013 (about seventy three deaths).

This goes to show that more and more companies are implementing stricter safety precautions to avoid fatalities. Though fatalities fell, minor and major injuries increased last year. Here are the findings of the WSH:

  • Number of workplace injuries and occupational diseases: Major injuries for 2014 rose to 672 from 640 in 2013. Minor injuries for 2014 rose to 12, 863 from 11,740 in 2013. The occupational diseases for 2014 rose to 992 from 887 in 2013.


  • Number of workplace fatal injuries by industry: The construction industry accounted to half of the fatalities last year with twenty seven deaths followed by manufacturing with six deaths and marine with four deaths. Transportation and storage industry accounted twelve deaths in 2014.
  • Number of workplace fatal injuries by incident types: Falls decreased from seventeen in 2013 to fourteen in 2014. Workers who were struck by moving objects fell from nine in 2013 to eight in 2014. Collapse/Failure of structure and equipment decreased from ten in 2013 to six in 2014.

Knowing these things, we have to be very extra careful when we are dealing with work. We should never ignore the safety and give high regard to precautions to avoid accidents from happening.

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