4 Relationship Matters You Shouldn’t Share on Social Media


We all have that one friend on Facebook who can’t just stop posting cheesy photos (hashtag: #relationshipgoals #feelingblessed) and bragging about their relationship every chance they get.

Although it appears they have the best relationship any person could wish for, sometimes the best sign of a healthy relationship is no sign of it on social media at all. However, if the urge of posting relationship photos and stories creeps up on you, just make sure they don’t belong to any of these categories.

Love Spats

Every relationship has its ups and downs. But overcoming those rocky times requires working through them as a couple, and venting out on social media for the whole world to know won’t help. Doing this will only open the door to unsolicited advices from friends and even complete strangers. Also, sharing your love spats might urge those people close to both of you to take sides, which can only make matters worse.

Public Display of Affection

It’s not uncommon for those in relationship to feel bothered over the lack of relationship posts by his or her partner. When they see you posting couple photos on Facebook or Instagram so often, the jealousy may grow in them, and may start questioning themselves why their partner does not post anything about their relationship. On the other hand, you may appear too cheesy that people start to hate you. Either way, it’s best to keep the love between you and your beau. It’s okay to post cute and fun photos, but not all the time.

TMI-Filled Posts

That ‘Can’t wait for you to get home ;)” wall or tagged post is best delivered as text message or Facebook private message. Do not post anything intimate on social media. While your partner may feel excited or flattered to read that double-meaning message, your mother-in-law surely feels less than thrilled to read that.

Passive-Aggressive Comments

Perhaps, you’ve read an article about meddling in-laws, so you shared it with a caption ‘Sounds familiar,’ or maybe you just hate the fact that your SO is still friends with his past lover, so you shoot off passive-aggressive comments about her on Facebook. Resist that urge next time, regardless of how fine-tuned your privacy settings may be. Don’t assume that your in-laws or your boyfriend’s ex won’t be able to see it or know about it. Word spreads like wildfire with friends of friends, and it will only make you look like you’re the villain.

Social media isn’t bad. In fact, it’s a great platform to communicate with the important people in your life. However, when it comes to your relationship, be picky of the things you share. By sharing too much online, you risk damaging the relationship you have.

How Women’s Dating Standards Change as They Age  


Do you still remember the days when all you wanted is just a six-pack abs to pass out? Then, for some reason, you realized that you are fine with a dad bod? When you look back at it, you wonder with amazement how your set of preferences changed over time and you thought to yourself, did something wrong happen to me? Well, it is normal.


Women, as they grow wiser, bolder and older, their standards when it comes to dating a potential partner tends to shift gradually or dramatically depending on their beliefs and experiences built through time. For instance, a 20-something might be after a six-pack abs while a 30-something might be in the search for a six-figure income. These differences can be better explained by a breakdown of preferences and commitment level of women that tells you why:

Women in 20’s:

His Looks:

He should be that freaking hot guy with great bod (usually goes to the gym), killer smile (white and straight set of teeth), head full of hair, of course. In fact, a September 2015 survey suggests that 2 out of 3 Singaporean women find bald/balding guys a turn off.  In short, Channing Tatum kind-of-guys are very welcome!

His Job:

What he is doing with his life and how much he earns from it is not much of a big deal at this point. Maybe he is still trying to figure out what he wants out of life, after all, nobody gets ridiculously rich at the age of 25.

Woman’s Commitment Status:

She is not in a clear urgency to tie the knot nor thinks he is. Both parties are still enjoying each other’s company. In most cases, she’s just after a drinking buddy or a partner to spend some YOLO moments with.

Women in 30’s:

His Looks:

This time, a dad bod and slight hair recession are perceived as endearing because you prefer a more intellectual guy—someone who can talk with sense.


His Job:

He must have established himself as a professional or better yet, a boss of his own—entrepreneur, that is. No health insurance? No Savings? Forget it.

 Woman’s Commitment Status:

If she sees that he is not in for a serious business or up for a committed relationship and she is, she will most likely declare GAME OVER early on than she would in her younger age. This is the stage where mind-playing and dating games are not cool.

Women in 40’s:

His Looks:

He must have the character. Great conversations and laughter make it more appealing and endearing. The concept of maturity should no longer even be a qualification because it should come automatically; after all, you are after a man, not a boy.

His Job:

A stable career is a serious thing. Trying to find himself somewhere in this world while you are in the full-swing of your career isn’t even to your adult taste at this age.

Woman’s Commitment Status:

She is either still feeling the recurring burn from a divorce or more than ready to settle down and build a family. Whichever way, she has no qualms about being open and upfront to her guy about their preferences on where the relationship is heading.