5 Simple Tricks for Taking Wedding Photos Using Your Phone

When it comes to taking quality wedding photos, DSLRs are the cult favourite. But what you don’t know is you can actually take same great pictures even with just your phone’s camera at hand. With just a few pointers, you’ll realize that you don’t really need to have a DSLR or to be professional photographer just to take wonderful images. So use the following tips to transform yourself from a simple guest to the wedding photographer in just a flash.


  1. Look for Great Lighting. Perfect lighting is your best friend when it comes to taking awesome photos, so pay close attention to where the natural light falls. For instance, if the bride and groom’s back are against the bright sun overhead, then they’ll likely look dark in the photo. Avoid this by asking your subjects to move across the light to get the natural lighting that you want. Also, steer clear from using camera flash as it’ll only make your photos look less authentic.
  1. Set Your Exposure and Focus. While they may not seem like it, this two details is what actually makes a difference between a mediocre and a great photo. So do practice based on your phone camera’s settings to get a good grasp as to you can play with its focus and exposure, and still get gorgeous shots.
  1. Focus on Something Unexpected. Sure, it’s a good idea to snap some must-have wedding photos, but the most memorable images actually come from candid shots. Instead of taking a best man’s photo giving for instance, turn your attention and camera to the newlyweds who might be sharing an emotional moment together.


  1. Use an App. We understand how great you phone camera is, but getting an added boost from mobile apps won’t really hurt. Some of the best apps to try are Camera+, has easy controls on focus and exposure, and Night Camera, ideal for taking photos in low lights without any flash.
  1. Pay Attention to Your Background. It’s quite easy to focus on the subject that you want to photography, and tune out of what’s in the background. But you might want to reconsider this. Instead of focusing on your subject alone, you should also give some thought to the distractions on the background, such as lights or poles that can look like they’re popping from someone’s head.

A great tool can help in taking good photos, sure, but by simply knowing and using the right photography techniques, you’ll definitely be able to produce stunning wedding photos even with just your regular smartphone camera.