Presenting the Community Garden Festival


The world is a better place to see especially with the presence of greenery. There are people who cultivate greenery while there are others who simply marvel over it. Whatever we decide, we have to know that there will be an annual Community Garden Festival.


This festival seeks to community gardeners at HortPark here in Singapore. On April 4, 2015, the Minister of State for National Development Desmond Lee announced that there will be annual Community Garden Festival starting this year. The first festival will happen on September 5, 2015.

The festival is more than the gathering of community gardeners because during the festival, SG50 Community Bloom Gardens will be open to public. SG50 Community Bloom Gardens revolve around themes and centres that celebrate plants and people. Community gardeners should also look forward to the Community Garden Edibles Competition. The competition will feature the talents and skills of gardeners in cultivating the heaviest fruit or longest vegetable.


According to the Minister, the Community Garden Festival is the legacy of the late LKY. LKY is fondly called the ‘Chief Gardener’. LKY started the greening movement way back 1963 when he symbolically planted the Mempat tree. LKY believed that the gardening will bring the community together in kampong spirit.

Community gardeners are excited for the festival in September 5. We want to live in a lush and verdant environment. This is something that we have to strive so our sons and daughters including their sons and daughters can experience the wonders of green environment. If we want to cultivate vegetables and fruits, it is not too late to consider it.

Singapore Garden Festival 2014 (20)

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