The Hidden Treasures of Singapore

Singapore is truly blessed with natural sceneries and surroundings. In return, Singaporeans imposes a strict implementation of laws that tackles about environment care. That is why it is tagged as the “Fine City”. In Singapore, “fine” doesn’t only mean good-looking or attractive; Fine also means a penalty.


Because of this stern execution of laws, tourists from different countries visit the place and obey rules and regulations imposed so that they can have a nice trip. Since Singapore is known for its humid environment, tourists never go and tour in other places where they can experience the lovely nature of the country.

Unknown Places

Although the country is known for its beautiful beaches and extravagant sceneries, there are a lot of places that has never been visited by a lot of tourists as well as locals.

Bukit Timah – This 164-hectare place was once a quarry site. Bukit Timah is a natural reserve that consists of different species of plants which is more than the species of plants than is found in North America. Dealing with species of animals, Bukit Timah has more than 150 kinds of animals. Today, it is the only forest that remains in the islands of Singapore and is oftentimes reach by outdoor adventurers.

Majulah Singapura

While Singapore is a good English speaker, it doesn’t mean that English their mother language. Although, English is one of their languages, Malay is their national language. Majulah Singapura is the country national anthem and is written in Malay which means Onward Singapore.

majulah singapura

The Commonwealth Citizens

Singaporeans are also called the Commonwealth citizens. This means that have the rights in countries that follow Commonwealth Government like United Kingdom. However, they have limitations as usual.


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